2022 JCI International Academies Delegates

2022 JCI International Academies Delegates

Posted By Hope61ba44af38118 |28 Jun 2022
2022 JCI International Academies Delegates
Congratulations to our members  Chris Adamson , Peace Lawal and Felicity Wolfenden who have been accepted into the 2022 edition of the JCI International Academies!!! 

Chris has been accepted into the 34th JCI Academy taking place from 19 to 23 September 2022 in Odawara, Japan. Officially endorsed as a JCI event at the 1987 JCI World Congress in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, more than 2,500 global networkers have graduated from the JCI Academy. The JCI Academy empowers the future leaders of the organization who take ownership of the change they want to see in a global society. As these dedicated members embark on their leadership year, they learn about strength, cooperation and cultural understanding. JCI Academy delegates immerse themselves in the culture of the Japanese host city and learn from a series of training, seminars and workshops how to be inspiring global leaders for a changing world.

Peace and Felicity have both been accepted into the  25th JCI European Academy will be held on 5th-8th of August 2022. The JCI European Academy is a leadership academy and a once in a lifetime experience. The academy provides personal development as well as the tools and knowledge to take on leadership positions. Graduates go on to become outstanding leaders who positively impact societies locally, nationally and internationally.

We wish all of them success and looking forward to their years of impact within and outside the organisation.

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