Canary Wharf to Bulgaria

Canary Wharf to Bulgaria

Posted By admin |30 Dec 2013
Canary Wharf to Bulgaria

by Temelko Dechev, JCI Canary Wharf 

"To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change". The slogan of JCI does match 100% the following short article which tells a bit more of the slogans' roots and essence. My name is Temelko Dechev and I became JCI member in 2011. It all started after I came back home from a business trips to Romania and France where I met for first time the enthusiasm and the energy of JCI members in those two countries. All that led to me starting a local "JCI Varna" chamber in Bulgaria. So far I have volunteered with JCI for over a 3 years. While I have held a number of director positions, at the local (JCI Varna) and national (JCI Bulgaria) levels, I am still an active member who contributes to and participates in grass-roots projects and events.

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Following several other business trips to London in 2012 I had meetings with the President and the International Relations Director of JCI London. We exchanged know-how about project strategies and development, business and social initiatives, educational trainings and international projects. All that proved to be extremely vital to the overall development of JCI Bulgaria through the year of 2012. Now JCI Bulgaria has a total of 18 projects, strong international and national partners and constantly growing number of members!

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In 2013 I attended the introduction session of JCI Canary Wharf. An inspirational event that triggered the JCI's enthusiasm across the Square Mile. The event was organized my Michela Pascucci and attended by senior members of JCI London. The first event of JCI Canary Wharf proved to be an absolute success! Not only because it triggered the potential of a number of professionals working and living at the financial hub of London but also because in a few months' time we got a clear plan for the strategic development we will have in 2014, rapidly growing number of members and numerous meetings planning business, social and community related project.

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The regular JCI Canary Wharf sessions took place in the head office of Barclays. In November 2013 after successful planning, loads of enthusiasm and effective project management one of the most notable events organized so far - "Support Debate Camp Rwanda 2013" - proved to be a major success for us. A impactful project about the future of the Rwandan Economy! Great discussion was formed by the audience and the speakers invited at the JCI Canary Wharf, JCI Rwanda and Morgan Stanley co-hosted event.

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As a JCI Canary Wharf associate member I have proposed the development of a project related to the International relations development. Our goal is to enter a dialogue with London embassies of countries with developed and developing economies and proceed with organizing a series of one-off sessions which will promote, develop and encourage trade, investment and business opportunities for UK citizens in countries located in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. We want to stimulate business activities, know-how transfer, networking potential and cultural exchange. Build information architecture and available resources for the individuals or enterprises interested in the above mentioned. The idea was warmly welcomed by other JCI Canary Wharf members and a team which will be working on it was formed. Project' outlines are already set-up and implementation will start in 2014.

Meanwhile during the 2013 National Convention held in Sofia three months ago I was elected as a National President 2014 of JCI Bulgaria. Granted with great responsibilities and following my desire that we all need to successfully develop new projects, keep the impact of the current ones and follow the common goal to provide development opportunities that create positive change I got inspired to organize a JCI Twining Event between JCI Sofia and JCI Canary Wharf. This project will strengthen the international relations between those two chambers, will bring opportunities for exchanging business, entrepreneurial, social, cultural, trade, educational and project development know-how. I am glad to confirm that both chambers will start work on the project in 2014.

Despite my busy schedule I will have during the following year I look forward to keep supporting the JCI Canary Wharf's great, enthusiastic and motivated team on its way to further development! If you got inspired by the various projects, endless ideas, significant scale and great impact we make - do not hesitate but join JCI to shape the world you want to live in!