JCI Belgium Visit to London 2022

JCI Belgium Visit to London 2022

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JCI Belgium Visit to London 2022

Fifty years ago, the members of JCI Belgium returned from the European Conference in Edinburgh. After a stopover in London, the most unthinkable happened: the plane crashed near Staines. No one survived the accident, including seven members of JCI Belgium and two partners. BBC News has labeled this as one of the UK's worst air crashes that killed all 118 people on board. The significant loss was answered by enormous international solidarity, and the Staines Foundation was founded. To this day, this foundation is still active. 

It was JCI London's privilege to welcome the JCI Belgium delegation to London this year and to commemorate the 50th Anniversary. Saturday morning started with a beautiful service at St Mary's Church, followed by the Papa India Memorial re-dedicating in Moormede Recreation Ground. In the afternoon, we went for a river cruise to show our visitors the views of London from the Thames. Followed by a leisurely 10 minutes’ walk passing by Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Churchill's house to head to the Old Cinnamon Club, where we all enjoyed networking and ended the day with dinner. 

JCI London Events Director, Ali Ahmed comments: 

‘’It was absolutely heart-warming to welcome JCI Belgium and the Staines foundation to London. Even after two long years of covid and global travel disruption, this year was just as unique as any of the previous fourth seven. It was heart-warming to be side by side by the amazing members of JCI Belgium during these two incredibly emotional days. They were two days of empathy, recognition and hope. I personally feel greatly honored to be a part of the JCI London Board and to have taken part in building life-long lasting friendships with JCI Belgium. Wishing Peter, Dominique and all members of JCI Belgium and Staines foundation all the best with their great work and verylooking forward to hosting them next year!’’ 

JCI London 2020 President Chantelle Nylander – Quartey: 

"It was wonderful to attend this event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Staines tragedy and celebrate the special relationship between JCI London & JCI Belgium. Given that such connections have been hindered by the Covid 19 pandemic for the last two years particularly it was a real highlight that JCI London was able to welcome JCI Belgium delegates in person and also reunite with our amazing London Senators once again. I was very pleased to be able to experience this significant occasion".

The loss of our international JCI family members will forever be in the beating heart of JCI, and, thanks to this special relationship created between JCI London & JCI Belgium, the incredible work of the JCI Staines Foundation is recognised to give support to the families of these victims. Each year, the Staines Award,which is seen as the highest honor for a JCI member, is presented at a moving ceremony, honored by JCI London. The ceremony will take place during JCI Belgium NCN 2022 weekend this September in Belgium. As JCI London has done every year, standing in solidarity with JCI Belgium, it will be a privilege for me as a JCI London 2022 President to continue the tradition held by JCI London Presidents to go to Belgium and pay tribute to the members of JCI Belgium who lost their lives and their entourage. More information can be found here: https://jci-ncn2022.be/

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