JCI London 2022 Local President's New Year Message

JCI London 2022 Local President's New Year Message

Posted By Azem61dc8369b3687 |11 Jan 2022
JCI London 2022 Local President's New Year Message

Greetings and a Happy New Year; May 2022 be filled with great successes for us all!

I am grateful for the opportunity to lead the JCI London organisation with my team over the next twelve months. I believe that JCI is like a vehicle that needs various drivers and passengers to make it move; to make those great and memorable adventures happen.

How fast can the vehicle move?
How far can it drive?
What kind of model it is?
What kind of gadgets are in the vehicle?

Well, this is all up to every single one of us. After all, JCI is run by members for members. So, I wish to challenge all the members with 2022’s theme.

Notice an opportunity, take it, and make it happen.

This year is all about how we can grow together and help others considering the 5 key areas of JCI: training, social, business, community and international. I hope to achieve the following with my team of 8 board members in 2022:

  • Understand members’ wants & needs and deliver accordingly
  • Increase membership engagement
  • Look to increase membership benefits
  • Raise the profile of the organisation within and outside London

It will be a great pleasure to introduce you to all the 2022 JCI London board members in the coming weeks leading up to the JCI London Kickstarter Event at the end of January.

Thank you for your attention and let's notice opportunities, take them, and make them happen together.


Your JCI London 2022 President,

 Mirjam Kaerma

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