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Meet the Member - Beth Livesey - JCI Manchester

Posted By admin |29 Sep 2015
Meet the Member - Beth Livesey - JCI Manchester

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Many thanks to our lastest member to answer my questions - Beth from JCI Manchester

Which chamber are you a member of?

How long have you been a JCI member?
1 year

What made you join?
I wanted to throw myself into something new and meet a broad range of people. It certainly does that. Manchester has so so many networking groups for young professionals,  I wanted an unpretentious fun atmosphere and that's what JCI Manchester offers. 

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What is the most interesting JCI event you've been to and why?
I would have to say our second charity event of 2015 - The Rum Emporium at Manchester House. Not only did we raise over £1800 in one evening, I learnt so much about rum. Did you know Mount Gay is the world's oldest rum?!? Well you do now :)

Had JCI presented any unusual/interesting opportunities?
JCI offers interesting opportunities and challenges daily. As Marketing Director for JCI Manchester each day throws something new at you. I would say climbing over a 10 meter wall from my friend's shoulders and running over tyres was certainly an unusual day. We filmed the promo video for our sportsday and it was such fun - stay tuned early 2016 for that one, it will be a fab day!

We also have the Manchester Young Talent Awards coming up and being involved in those is brilliant. Juggling work, JCI and real life certainly has been fun. I cannot wait to be there on the evening celebrating all the best aspects of Manchester. The sense of community and pride is unrivalled by another city when Manchester is on form. There's no better place... and I'm not biased at all :)

What is your job/career/profession/business?
I work for JMW Solicitors in Manchester as Marketing Executive.

Has JCI had any impact on your job/career/profession/business?
JCI offers you an extra string to your bow. It's recognised and it's impactful. I work for a previous president of JCI Manchester and JCI senator Joy Kingsley who believes in JCI and what it offers. It's great to have that commonality and guidance with senior management.

Who is a leader you admire?
My mum. She is a different type of leader. Not a world leader or Nobel peace prize winner, but she has certainly ensured she guides me in the best possible way and I couldn't ask for anything more.

What's your proudest achievement?
Winning my JCI UK 'Feel Proud' Awards of course :) what else could I possibly say!

If we came to your home and looked inside your refrigerator, what would we see?
Cheese! Lots of cheese. I love cheese!

What is a good weekend to you?
Spending a weekend with my family and my boyfriend all together. It's something that doesn't happen often now we are all older, but you can't beat it when it does.

Tell us something crazy/dangerous/inspiring/unusual you have done
I love anything with a bit of adrenaline. I did a track day many years ago in a Formula Ford (a mini F1 car to those who haven't heard of it). I am a bit of a petrol head so loved every second. Unfortunately it went a little wrong when a Lambo undertook me and I spun off the track into the tyres. I ended up writing off the car, with whiplash and broken knuckles. It could have been much worse though so I'm thankful for that! It has certainly put me off track days slightly though!

Thanks Beth