Thank you a memorable 2013! Happy New Year

Thank you a memorable 2013! Happy New Year

Posted By admin |30 Dec 2013
Thank you a memorable 2013! Happy New Year

The members before me stand forever strong,

The members around me teach on and on,

The members after me will learn and grow,

As I follow the path down a familiar road.

In 2013 I asked JCI Barnsley to learn from our past and follow all the members who have come before us to ‘make memories’. We did this by taking all the best bits from our past, mixing in some new ideas and adding the fantastic energy of all our members to add to the history of our chamber.

Through this year JCI Barnsley have hosted or participated in over 70 events from all over the local community as well as JCI Regionally and Nationally. After the growth of 2012 the 2013 aim was to engage members and turn JCI Barnsley into a chamber as strong as any other in the UK. We had five programs Shine, Grow, Laugh, Connect and Challenge. Each of the programs had an average of one event a month; as a result during the year membership grew by 18%, hitting highs of 33 with membership engagement highs 95%.

2013 is for JCI Barnsley has been a year of awards! I am incredibly proud of what all the members have achieved this year and the list below is a testament the hard work of everyone.

External Awards

Most Outstanding contribution to the Mayor’s Parade (working with Barnsley Hospital Charity).

Dodge ball – Most outstanding sportsmanship and most outstanding energy.

JCI European Awards

Most Outstanding Local Growth and Development

JCI Yorkshire Awards

Most Outstanding Local Organisation

Most Outstanding Local President

Most Outstanding Preparation by a Deputy President

Most Outstanding Contribution to the region by a chamber

Most Outstanding Program

Best Local Growth and Development Program

Best Local Personal Skills Program

Best Community Empowerment Program

Most Outstanding Social Project

Best Local Publication

Best Local UN MDG Project

JCI UK Awards

Most Outstanding Local Organisation

Most Outstanding Preparation by a Deputy President

Most Outstanding Program

Most Outstanding Social Project


I asked everyone to give me a highlight from 2013 but the truth is I had no idea how hard that would be! They say a Presidential year is a roller coaster ride but I feel like each second has been more of a climb. Getting better and better with every one putting in everything they have till we hit the top by winning the ‘most outstanding local organisation’. So that’s my highlight because at moment made me even prouder that I already was.

I want to say thank you to every single one of you for everything this year!

Now is the time to look forward and to what 2014 holds for JCI Barnsley. I know Ben and his team have a great plan for the chamber and they are all ready for a new year and a new reason to ‘challenge your self’, I will be with them cheering them on as a very proud IPP every step of the way.

As for me I will be finding a new challenge of my own (well not quite just mine) a small group of dedicated JCI members are relaunching JCI Rotherham! So as of the 1st January I will have a new role as JCI Rotherham 2014 President.

Don’t forget our  2014 Annual Dinner on the 17th January! It is a ‘black and white ball’ not to be missed!!  

Facebook Dinner.jpg

‘I am so proud to be the 2013 President of JCI Barnsley. Thank you for making memories!’


‘We were here so let’s make a memory’


Charlie Pearson

JCI Barnsley President 2013