The MYTAs: worth the hangover? Blog by Cube 3

The MYTAs: worth the hangover? Blog by Cube 3

Posted By admin |01 Dec 2015
The MYTAs: worth the hangover? Blog by Cube 3

Guest post by Cube 3 - Headline Sponsors of the Manchester Young Talent Awards 2015.

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The MYTAs: worth the hangover?

The dust has settled, and the dance offs, spontaneous acapellas and Oops Up Side Your Head are all just a hazy, yet totally brilliant memory. 

Sometimes, award dos can drag on, feel like money for old rope and sponsors and CEOs alike are left wondering, “What did we get out of that, apart from a hangover?”

For a company like Cube3, that’s all about delivering commercial growth, to choose to sponsor an event, it has to be right, it has to mean something, otherwise, what’s the point?

The MYTAs were definitely worth it.

As the 10 award winners were announced, and each person or team took to the stage, the talent, innovation and unfaltering drive to get results were a reflection on every business in the room, and on Manchester. Take Marc Yaffe for example, who had been nominated 10 times and finally took home the trophy. Or Kim Holden, the president of JCI who shared how not long ago, she couldn’t even imagine speaking in front of hundreds of people. And yet smashed it.

Now that epitomises Manchester’s true grit.

Outside of their brand, all businesses have to make them stand out, is their people. And at the end of the day they’re the ones who are going to deliver on the brand promise, to make it stand for something real. Those businesses that are going to win out over those that manipulate, or sell a myth, are those whose people share in the brand truth.

That’s why JCI stands out. It truly is developing Manchester’s future, by nurturing the thinkers, and the doers, the type of people at the Imperial War Museum last week.

So to JCI, thanks for letting us be part of something great.

Same again next year?

Cube 3

To view all the MYTA images and booth images from the evening visit the JCI Manchester Facebook page. Full list of finalists and winners can be viewed here. Stay tuned for the 2016 details coming soon! The image above is winning 'Team of the Year' Capital Properties and Cube 3 

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Congratulations to all winners including, 'Team of the Year' top image and individual winners below.