24th October

How to Take the Leap into Entrepreneurship

by Naily Makangu

If you're one of the many individuals who dreams of starting their own business but feels lost on where to begin, you're not alone. The journey to entrepreneurship can be a daunting one, and it's normal to feel overwhelmed. But fear not - taking the first step is always the hardest, and we're here to help you do just that.

This workshop, led by Naily Makangu, aka The Mary Poppins of Startups, is designed to give aspiring entrepreneurs the tools to just START. Naily has over 10 years of experience in turning around struggling projects and organisations, building her own business, and advising startups to develop and launch great products. With her guidance, you'll gain a wealth of knowledge and insights that will help you take the leap into entrepreneurship with confidence...as soon as the workshop ends!

Some key questions that we will answer include:
  • How do I start a business on a shoestring budget?
  • Ideas - what to do and how do I know that it's the right idea?
  • What if I don't want to be a solopreneur but I want to start my own business?
  • How do I plan my work and keep myself motivated when the goings get tough?
  • How do I find my first customer when I am not a marketing and sales expert?
  • Does it mean that I have to say goodbye to "having a life"?
  • Should I quit my job? What if I can't afford to?

If you're ready to turn your dreams into reality, join us for this inspiring and informative event.


Trainer Bio

Software Engineer turned “The Mary Poppins of Startups”, Naily Makangu is passionate about bringing her multi-faceted toolkit to lead complex software projects and launch products. With over ten years of experience, she has a proven track record of turning around struggling technical projects and organisations, from seed startups to large corporations such as Siemens Industry Software.

Naily has a gift for bridging the gap between tech teams and the rest of the business to ensure successful project delivery. She understands that the complexity of team dynamics, convoluted tech stacks, and a lack of processes can lead to decreased productivity, longer development cycles, and increased costs. As a Startup Advisor and Tech Consultant, she’s helped several startups and scaleups improve the maturity of their teams while continuing to deliver what customers expect. Investors can count on her to help keep their startups teams on track, reducing the need to breathe down their necks. Naily also works as Fractional CXO for startups. For example, she worked with a recruitment startup by turning idea to an MVP platform that was used to attract early customers and close their pre-seed round.

Naily has spoken at large conferences around the world, including Cambridge (UK), New York (US), and Madrid (Spain – “South Summit”). She also hosts various informative and engaging workshops on a range of topics such as Leadership, Operations, Product & Development.

Her impressive impact portfolio includes taking JCI Cambridge, an organisation from the brink of closure to winning five awards in less than a year. The awards included "JCI UK Most Outstanding Leader" and "JCI UK Best Trainer" in the UK, and "JCI Europe Best Local Growth & Development Program".

More importantly, Naily’s work is driven and cemented by one clear vision - leaving behind the legacy of a HAPPY and Productive Workplace Playground, where leaders grow and people thrive.

Check out The Mary Poppins of Startups Podcast giving your startups or business the tools to build your first prototype, reach product-market fit and blossom.

Connect with Naily Makangu on LinkedIn.


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Tuesday, 24 October 2023
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