07th September

How to tame your inner critic

by Gemma @ThePeerCoach
JCI London


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How to tame your inner critic (limited tickets)

  • Most of us have one.
  • Few of us talk about it.
  • Even less of us know how to transform it into our greatest source of confidence.

That inner voice of yours. Is it your worst critic or your greatest cheerleader? 

Imposter syndrome is a term you may have heard of but perhaps you’re not really sure what it is, how it manifests itself and whether it’s something currently limiting you. Come along to this interactive talk by Gemma Holmes (The Peer Coach) for all of these answers and to learn how to transform critical self-talk into a powerful inner mentor.

Imposter Syndrome is a mind trap that leaves you with an intense feeling of self-doubt. It’s when despite evidence that you are successful, you still fear that you are going to be caught out as not good enough. Despite how little this is spoken about in professional circles, research has found 70% of successful people feel like this at some point. From Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook) to Michelle Obama (needs no introduction), to Emma Watson and even Einstein himself, there are countless examples of highly successful individuals being taunted by their inner critic. 

These thoughts are driven by our unconscious, which serves to keep us alive rather than to help us thrive. It’s our mind trying to help and protect us but is going about it in a really unhelpful way. These thoughts impact our health, productivity and self-belief. But it is possible to tame the inner critic, and this workshop will show you how.

Through a combination of coaching and NLP, you’ll get to know your inner critic and the positive intention behind those negative thoughts. You’ll learn how to quieten down that negative voice and amplify your inner cheerleader instead. And we’ll connect with your strengths and skills so you feel empowered to go forward with the self-belief to achieve what you’re truly capable of.

Key outputs:

  • Offers an overview of what imposter syndrome is, who experiences it and how it affects us as people and professionals
  • Provides insights into the science of positive thinking and how to use your mind as your cheerleader rather than your critic
  • Guides you through a powerful toolkit of NLP and coaching tools to transform your imposter syndrome
  • Leaves you empowered with the knowledge and tools you need to release self-doubt and be fuelled by self-confidence.
Event Location: Function room on the 1st floor @ The Distillers, Hammersmith Event Venue, 64 Fulham Palace Rd, London, W6 9PH, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Health disclaimer: due to the potential inclusion of trance-based techniques, this event is not suitable for anyone with a history of epilepsy or psychosis. By booking your ticket you confirm you have never suffered from epilepsy or had a psychotic episode.

About The Peer Coach

Gemma Holmes, The Peer Coach, is an experienced QCH Therapist and runs her therapy & coaching practice both online and in Berkhamsted (Hertfordshire), specialising in authentic confidence. She trained at the internationally-renowned Quest Institute in London back in 2010 where she gained a Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy with Distinction. Following this she became a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

She gained a BA Degree in Sociology, which included an extensive research study into the relationship between social anxiety and stage fright, and has 15 years’ experience working her way up the corporate ladder in marketing and communications.

Since qualifying as one of the youngest ever Cognitive Hypnotherapists she has helped clients across the travel, publishing, marketing, health and education sectors to release fears from the past and tap into their true authentic confidence.

She shares her "stop faking it, start feeling it" motto wherever she goes. Her confidence workshops have been delivered far and wide, from Tobacco Docks in London to a little hideaway in Antigua. 

Consider her your professional peer. You can expect relatable stories, real-talk, cutting-edge coaching and probably a laugh or too along the way. 

For free confidence tips and tools, follow Gemma @ThePeerCoach on Instagram and visit www.thepeercoach.com

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Date & Time

Wednesday, 07 September 2022
19:30 - 21:00 GMT


64 Fulham Palace Rd, London, W6 9PH, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland