Active Citizenship Week

JCI UK Projects
Active Citizen Framework
Project Duration:

One Week

Project Purpose:

During the week, JCI Members promote being an active citizen in your community. This is a week where people can come together to do simple tasks that will make our community a better place to live.

Project Overview:

This year marks what is, perhaps one of the most important weeks on the JCI International calendar, Active Citizenship Week. This is a week where people can come together to do simple tasks that will make our local community a better place to live.

Sustainable Development Goals:

Good health and well-being, Sustainable cities and communities and Climate action

JCI Active Citizen

JCI Active Citizen Week first began as JCI Active Citizen Day and was initiated on 11 December 1944 when 30 young active citizens from eight countries met in Mexico City to sign a declaration that led to the establishment of Junior Chamber International. This declaration has stood as a symbol of hope for young people working toward the creation of a more peaceful world. Through active citizenship, we as JCI can encourage young people to take responsibility for local challenges and find targeted, sustainable solutions that benefit our communities and the world. During this weeklong celebration, JCI National and Local Organizations as well as partner organizations are encouraged to plan and participate in events that inspire active citizenship and create sustainable impact. To learn more, view the JCI Active Citizen Week Guide to take action.

Here is a few ways to be an active citizen:

  • Deliver meals to homebound individuals.
  • Mentor a young person.
  • Start a book club in your area.
  • Shop at a local, family owned business.
  • Help an elderly person by delivering shopping.
  • Volunteer at a local St. John Ambulance or Order of Malta.
  • Donate some of your time to help a local organisation.
  • Donate unwanted clothing/toys to a local charity shop.
  • Clean up rubbish along a river, beach or park.

These are just some ideas we give to members to help them become better young active citizens.