Florian's experience of LEAP 2015

Florian's experience of LEAP 2015

Posted By admin |19 Oct 2015
Florian's experience of LEAP 2015

Florian Bay from JCI London attended the JCI UK Leadership Excellence in Action Programme (LEAP) in August 2015 and shares with us a summary of his experience.

It was filled with a mixture of curiosity, excitement and nervousness that I set out on the afternoon of Friday 21st August for Birmingham and LEAP. I had been advised by my good friend and mentor Sarah Beckwith to attend. This coupled with my interest in leadership sealed the deal and my ticket was booked in May.

I did not know what to expect bar that I would be thrown out of my comfort zone. Beginning in my case with sharing a room with a stranger, that was a lovely lad from JCI Sheffield, Oliver. The programme for the two days seem rather thorough and soon after its introduction, it was off to breaking the ice. A still don’t know how I managed to finish the name game but I did it. As for the “tick tock” game that followed, I think that it’ll stay in my mind for life. The various group exercises done throughout the week-end where interesting, with my favourite one being the toxic waste bucket. We sure were under pressure in the final group task but that was part of the plan to make everyone show their true colours.

LEAP » Helium Challenge.jpg

Ah these colours, these personality insights to be more precise. I think that they’ve changed my way of interacting with others now and I now find myself wondering how to best handle others based on these insights. The result in my case, a deep purple, came as no surprise in a way but helps me understand why I seem to “get it” more with some than with others.

Before LEAP I used to say that I was “finding my feet” with regards to JCI. But this is no longer the case now as I’ve gained a much better appreciation of what the organisation has to offer. The magic worked its effect and I am now a fully fledged Jaycee convert! I am now very much looking forward to apply the skills I’ve learnt in LEAP. Be it as training director of the London chapter next year; in the two Toastmasters club I preside; Or in the workplace!

Florian Graduating from LEAP 2015


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