Corporate Membership

JCI means professional development for your employees. And JCI helps your employees and colleagues develop crucial business skills.

JCI UK Corporate Membership

As JCI members, your staff will learn:

  • Public speaking, communication, negotiation and presentation skills
  • Practical leadership (so you develop your future talents)
  • Mentoring and coaching (your employees become better managers)
  • Project management (a skill most people would benefit from improving)
  • Networking (better connections for you and your company)
  • Public relations (how to make your company visible within JCI)
  • Training skills
  • Promotion and marketing (how to make an impact with limited resources)
  • Corporate social responsibility (helping you meet your own CSR commitments)

Creating engaged employees – make a difference to the bottom line

Supporting the personal development of your staff is an investment in your own business. JCI membership creates engaged employees – and engaged employees make a difference to your cash flow, according to Best Companies (the company behind Sunday Times 100 Best Companies).

Business visits – your employees will get new insights through visits to a variety of businesses and corporations in your local area.

Community projects – by taking part in corporate social responsibility programmes such as charity and development projects, your staff give back to your local community.

International – they get the opportunity to travel and network abroad with professionals from international corporations and companies. JCI also offers programmes to learn how the EU works from the inside and lobbying the EU, as well as UN Millennium Development Goals.

Training – your employees can learn professional presentation and training skills.

Social – watch your employees grow in confidence as they build their circle of professional contacts and get to know a variety of companies and institutions in your local area.

Corporate membership is open to all organisations and companies in the United Kingdom. You can package it with a sponsorship agreement, and you can support either your local JCI chamber or the national JCI organisation.

Your local chamber will help you to make the most of your membership.