JCI London Project: Race for Refugees

JCI London Project: Race for Refugees

Posted By admin |04 Oct 2021
JCI London Project: Race for Refugees

As Autumn takes its hold this month JCI London are introducing a new project - Race for Refugees! For the duration of October we will be playing our part in helping those caught in the Afghanistan crisis, a terrible occurrence as we will all be aware of recently. JCI London in particular will be supporting the work of Refugee Action, a charity dedicated to supporting refugees "build a safe, hopeful and productive new life" as they settle in the UK.

Refugees have been uprooted. They are ordinary people who’ve been forced to leave the homes they love because of war or conflict. Everyone should live in a country where they feel safe and welcome, and Refugee Action are working tirelessly to give these people the fresh start that they deserve.

Of course, what better way for us to offer this support than via our events, which is why we have three key elements to this project that come under the goal of walking 228. 14 miles over the course of the month; the equivalent length of the distance between Islamabad Pakistan and Kabul Afghanistan

The first will be our 'Autumn Hike' on the 9th October which will involve a walk to Windsor Castle and back. The walk is suitable for all who enjoy nature in good company and we will be contributing out steps to the ultimate destination....the Afghan border! Register here to attend and for more information

The second will be our online event on the 20th October, Colours of Afghanistan, a great opportunity to learn more about Afghani culture and hear different experiences followed by a Q&A session. Register here to attend and for more information.

Our final event will be another hike to boost our steps which will take place in Hyde Park, London. More details to follow!

Ultimately however, what connects all of these events is the fundraising that will really help the resources Refugee Action provide. We would love it if you could sponsor us in our challenge; consider it your good deed for the month! Every donation will give refugees hope for the future, as well as giving us the encouragement We need to keep running. If you can, please sponsor us here on our JustGiving page we have set up.

As the page details, here is what your contributing could go towards:

£10 could train a volunteer to assist families in crisis, ensuring they have the support they are entitled to.

£15 could provide unlimited data, texts and phone calls for a family for a month. This would mean that they can keep connected with their loved ones and important information from across the world.

£25 could provide a vulnerable family with emergency food, toiletries and warm clothes

Let's show our JCI London community spirit and make something happen !